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Icing Collective is an independent online magazine founded in Syracuse University. At the end of an inconclusive search for a creative platform without boundaries or rules, Icing was created in 2017. This magazine is for the artistic young-adults who are transitioning into expressive, fashion-forward contributors. We aim to play a part in the public creative collective by showcasing youth fashion, beauty, art and lifestyle. 


Letter from the Editor

My name is Aanya Singh and I am a senior studying Studio Art, Fashion/Beauty Communications and Entrepreneurship. Being interested in every aspect of fashion editorials, I decided to see what it would take to make my own. From photography, editing, writing and web design, I keep building my artistic practice and learning first hand. Icing’s name originated from a piece of high-school artwork where I hand-drew lace dresses over images of my friend. The white-pen lace added a layer of intricate frosting to the already beautiful images of my friend. From then on I aimed to create art that elevated and encompassed the world around me. Icing has been a way for me to document people, places and feelings- my own journal, in the form of a lifestyle and fashion magazine. Collaborating and learning with other creatives is what makes Icing a collective and a shared experience. So far, Icing has put out the first seven of many issues and I hope this magazine continues to grow with us. 

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